My first flatcoat was a lovely bitch called Roxy, born in 2008.

My only goal was to have an amazing partner and Roxy was my soulmate. She was my first Obedience dog and was great to train. She had a mind and personality of her own and was great at training humans (if you know what I mean).

If I could have created a dog for myself, it would be exactly like her. She was my perfect counterpart.

Roxy is no longer with me, she died from histiocytic sarcoma at the tender age of 2 and a half years old after being ill for one month and half. It was very hard to deal with and to this day I can’t really say I’ve come to terms with it.

When Roxy was 9 months old, we got our second flatcoat, a liver male that we called Charlie Brown. Charlie is the epiphany of the sweetheart. He is sweet, mellow and loves to give everyone kisses. Charlie is the Number-One-Couch-Potato in the household.

Charlie is a very sweet dog, loves to cuddle and is the happiest when around people. He’s very easy going and is never uncomfortable. He is very flexible and adapts very well to changes and new routines.

He is very dedicated, and very eager to please and offers multiple tricks and commands without being asked, so I guess you can say sometimes his focus suffers from his eagerness.

It was very hard on Charlie when Roxy passed and he matured a lot during the time that he was alone, assuming a very lead role and calming down his young and  puppy-ish ways.

Charlie is the clown of the house. He does all the TV tricks and balances things on his head, like remote controls, soda cans, dog treats and other  objects.

Charlie has matured into an amazing calm and relaxed dog, and is a great role model for puppies and is very protective of Blackjack.

We got Blackjack from Starworkers Kennel in Denmark four months after Roxy passed.

I had fallen in love with Roxy’s father Nielsen (DEVDHCH INTCH PTCH Starworkers Light My Fire) after seeing him at a show in Lisbon back in 2008 before we even had any flatcoats and I wanted to stay close to the same lines.

I wanted a driven high personality dog, strong mind dog for obedience and shows and Blackjack is just perfect for the task.

I am very fortunate to have Helle Nielsen (Starworkers) pick such a perfect boy for me.

In May of 2014 Kika, a 10 year old Golden Retriever, came to live with us.

It is really funny how from then on we had do say "We own two flatcoats and an elderly golden retriever who owns us".

Kika was a very vocal stubborn girl and always got her way - always! - but very funny and loved life to the last minute She ran and rolled on the grass and had a sparkle in her eyes.

Kika was diagnosed with oral melanoma in December of 2015 and had 3 surgeries to remove the mass and surrounding invaded structures in her mouth. Kika was given sleep when her tumor got the best of her at 14 years and 8 months old. She lived a full and loved life and she will be greatly missed.

In 2018 I had a big wish of mine come true, to be able to have 3 flatcoats in my life, after Bond, Rainesgift Summer Solstice joined the gang. He is the naughtiest and funniest flatcoat that I have ever met. Almost at 3 years old and he is as much of a child as he was at 3 months old when he arrived, but so much fun!

Sadly this dream was short lived as Blackjack, my heart-dog was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma in March 2019 and after fighting it for 4 and half months was given sleep.

Only a year after Blackjack was diagnosed, Charlie Brown was diagnosed with exact the same type of cancer and despite also fighting it for 4 months, Charlie Brown was given sleep when breathing was too difficult for him. This happened one year after Blackjack died almost to the exact day.

Fortunately I have the best memories of the three of them together and will cherish them forever.  

Roxy at 2 years old (October 2010)

Angelusparks Hayley Bliss

Roxy at 7 months of age and I (2009)

Angelusparks Hayley Bliss

Charlie Brown aged 5 years old (2014)

Angelusparks II Herne Declan

My name is Sofia Eliseu.

I live in Estoril, Portugal.

I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology and a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management and run a small family owned real estate company.

I read everything I can get my hands on regarding animal behavior and psychology and positive reenforcement.

I love to study FCR pedigrees and train Agility with my dogs and used to compete in FCI Obedience as a hobby and as a way to keep myself and my dogs motivated, active and happy.

I compete in dogshows in Portugal and abroad since 2011 and have enjoyed my time and experiences and try to learn as much as I can from the amazing people I have met so far.

There is so much beauty in the Dog Show World and so much to enjoy. I try to take it all in and enjoy as much as I can and give my dogs the best fun they can possibly have inside the ring and outside.

It's a very competitive business and sometimes very overwhelming but to me, it's not only about the win, it's about having fun with your dog while getting the result you were aiming for!

Blackjack, Charlie Brown and Kika (2014)

Bond, Blackjack, Charlie Brown (2019)

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