For aditional information please contact Mrs. Ana and Mr. Ricardo Neves of Angelusparks

For aditional information please contact Mr. Malcolm Godefroy of Fenwood

Announcement image courtesy of Angelusparks all rights reserved.

Announcement image courtesy of Fenwood all rights reserved.


Puppies from this litter:

PTCH PTJCH Fenwood Bay An Angel Was Sent

Fenwood Bay Active Lissa To Huntlover’s

Fenwood Bay Amelia Erhart At Lakewood

PTCH Fenwood Bay Alyssa

Fenwood Bay Anna’s Shine at Lestorm

Am.Gr.CH Fenwood Bay Another Piece Of Our Heart

NZCH Fenwood Bay A Dark Side Of Arangold

Fenwood Bay A Dark Side Of The Moon

Fenwood Bay Arabian Nights at Lakewood

Puppies from this litter:

Angelusparks II Gillian for Anshire

PTCH PTJCH Angelusparks II Gainel

Angelusparks II Hurry's Glenda

Am.CH Angelusparks II Glenys at Bristol

Angelusparks II Glynn

Angelusparks II Grant for Mandaral

Am.CH Angelusparks II Galen at Bristol

Fenwood Bay "A" litter   Puppies born on August 6th, 2012

Angelusparks "G" litter   Puppies born on June 17th, 2012